Madly In Love

This was our discussion the other day via e-mail about  one thing which turned into a discussion about the zombie apocalypse (which actually comes up in our conversations way more than one would think.)

It all started with Engineer sending me an e-mail link to a website that had pre-packaged long term food storage on sale.  These were our actual exchanges via e-mail.

Engineer:  Is this something we should be looking into?

Pary:  Are you being serious?  You just told me last night I need to stop buying food because we have too much of it.  It's $309 per bucket!  That's also why I can so that we have food if a natural disaster struck...or do you just not want to fool with the dishes...

Engineer:  No time for dishes when I'm fending off the zombies.  How long will that food last when we have no electricity?

Pary:  Meat, not so long.  I guess I shouldn't have sold my pressure canner so that I could can meat/stews/etc.  Again, why I can so that we have other foods to live off of while the zombies attack although, I'm not sure they have the BWRAAAAAINS to turn off the power grid.

Engineer:  There won't be anyone to man the electricity plants after the zombies get them.  

1-4-3 EM for thinking ahead and wanting to make sure we can sustain ourselves if indeed, the zombies attack.


  1. It's always good to think about the zombie apocalypse. Might just prepare you for any disaster.


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