Perfectly Practical #159 - PaperDirect #sponsored

The following is a sponsored post.  All opinions and odd wedding gift standards are my own.

June is almost upon us and you know what that means right?

Here come the brides!

This year we have already had two cousins' to wed plus a dear friend's wedding and still have Engineer's sister's nuptials to come.

Since we love weddings, it is not at all a burden but a joy to celebrate with our family and friends.

June is traditionally the favored month of brides for their weddings and as such, I thought I would mention a great supplier of wedding paper from PaperDirect.

For the happy couple, they have a beautiful selection of invitations, place cards, thank you notes and all of the necessary stationery in between.

For the wedding party, there are the accompanying shower invitations and napkins.

For the wedding guests, why not consider gifting the couple with new his and hers letterhead or an envelope stamper?

PaperDirect falls in line with our household gift-giving ways.

Our gifts tend to be utilitarian perfectly practical and less frivolous.  It is not unheard of for us to fill a large box, basket, or bag, to the brim with useful items like first aid kits, a set of Dave Ramsey CDs, and post-y notes (which I can also get from PaperDirect.)  It is doubtful that we would bring a fruit bowl or bread warmer with us.*  How many of those does one couple need anyway?

I love the thought of giving the newlyweds personalized paper products.
And just think, you'll be ahead of the game since paper is the 1 year anniversary's theme.  

*Fruit bowls and bread warmers are kind of a standing joke in our family since my parents were given 7 bread warmers when they got married and we were given about the same quantity in fruit bowls.