Madly In Love

I am thankful for Engineer because without him, I would have never become a Momma.

This Momma gig is super high-pressure; there is much at stake.  A life.  A future.

I take this job seriously and I truly love my occupation but I have had little desire to repeat it.

We have one child and that's where my Momma-ness ends.  I feel complete in my Momma-ness.

For a long time, Engineer felt his Dad-ness was complete.  At some point, in the not so distant past I might add, it seems Engineer may have considered that he has room in his Dad-ness for more.

And although he may have dropped hints a time or two and we have even talked about more kids in passing, he has never pressured me to add to my Momma-ness.

I am so appreciative that he has never made me feel inadequate or less of a mother because of our small brood of one.

He has never shamed me into thinking I wasn't doing my duty as a wife, mother, Christian, or human by not having more children.

I feel so blessed that he conquers his own desire for more so that my desire for the status quo thrives.

That, to me, is sacrificial love.

1-4-3 EM!


  1. I know when there is a difference in the amount of kids (or lack there of) people want that can hurt a marriage. PB and I had the conversation before we ever became serious about how many kids we wanted if we wanted any. (we are slightly crazy and we want 4 :)

    1. We weren't sure if or how many children we wanted when we got married so I guess it has been an evolution of an equation for us. Four is not crazy at all. It takes those with large families to balance out the population with those of us with small families. :)


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