Perfectly Practical #157 - Sync Up the Family's Calendars

As Diva gets into more activities and Engineer does more business travel, it has become more and more important for all of us to be current on what is going on.

Enter Cozi, a free calendar on your computer that can also be used from smartphones.

We can all access the calendar using a family password and make changes accordingly, although I am the elected sole keeper of the calendar.

Oh the power.....

It is wonderful knowing that Engineer can check the calendar and see if we already have commitments before he takes on something else.

I have friends that use Cozi and take full advantage of all of the features like the menu, recipe box, and shopping list applications.

For us, it does a great job of reminding us when something is due or our reoccurring activities.

I can tell it a start and end date, whether or not an activity is reoccurring, and which of the family members are doing what and when.  Since we are all color coded, it makes it easy to see at a glance  who is participating which events.

Cozi is very simple to use and has been a great help to me since Engineer has called a time or two saying, "Don't forget such-and-such;  I saw it on Cozi."  You have no idea how that warms my heart.
Yes, I realize how sad that is that my husband observing the calendar makes me swoon.  Whatever...moving on...

I've kept a paper calendar for years and he's never touched it but since I've been entering the data on Cozi, he has been more interested in seeing the day to day goings on.  Maybe it's the convenience of having the day's activities all in one place and at his fingertips.

Whatever the case, a synchronized easily accessible family calendar works for us.

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.


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    1. Only dipping my toe in the techy waters Ms. Cricket. ;) I still keep to do lists and paper calendars...everywhere... :)


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