Madly in Love

Engineer is very keen on making sure I never feel undervalued.

As a structural engineer, Engineer works and therefore brings home a paycheck - a very tangible way of seeing his worth.

As a domestic engineer, I have no paycheck, no way of measuring my value.

Engineer periodically pulls me aside from whatever I am doing, wraps his arms around me, looks deep into my eyes and says, "You are amazing.  I appreciate what you do."

That is the evidence of my worth - an adoring husband.

Ah hem, and Engineer, if you want to show my worth in a tangible way, diamonds are always a good choice.  

1-4-3 EM!


  1. Oh! I love this! What a wonderful example of marriage you are showing your daughter.

    1. That has always been our prayer, Ms. Marie. :)

  2. My husband and I had a conversation similar to this post the other day. I had been working on the weekends, and they recently cut a bunch of my hours. I hate not being able to contribute. Then he went through a list of how I am contributing. It was nice to hear.


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