Perfectly Practical #152 - Old Decanters

Whenever I go to estate sales, I always look for certain items and old decanters happen to be one of those items (milk glass, cast iron, and hats are a few other items I always look for since I'm sure you were dying to know.)  ;)

These are the classy old bottles with stoppers that liquor used to come in, instead of their cheesier modern counterparts.

Old liquor decanters are great for holding homemade extracts (pictured at top.)

They are also great for holding mouthwash (as above.)

You could use the bigger ones for tea or water served tableside.

What about to make/serve/gift homemade infused oils or vinegars?

Or homemade coffee syrups?

Or bubble bath?

Of course, you could always use old liquor decanters as they were intended...

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Oh--I love that idea! :) I can't wait till we're in our own home again so I can buy things at estate and garage sales for our home, my MIL has got me hooked on them since we moved here :)

    1. Going to estate sales is one of my favorite pastimes so if you need a buddy to go with you, I'm your gal! ;)

  2. Never been to a garage sale with intention to buy. Never been to an estate sale either!


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