Madly In Love

Nasty winds and storms come through East Texas regularly.  So for the most part, it's less of a scary situation and more of an inconvenience.

During a particularly blustery storm awhile back, Engineer and I were watching a program on TV and suddenly the screen went fluorescent yellow for a moment.  After which a note came on screen that the station knew there was a problem and they were fixing it as fast as possible all the while some truly awful Muzak was playing in the background.

All of the sudden, we both started dancing like cooks - not exactly an unusual occurrence at the Little Pink House.

Then Engineer proceeded to give me a lesson on how to properly dance to Muzak: 

I was told that first, I needed a pained expression on my face.
Then I needed to duck and dive...
Or bob and weave...
Or put my arms at 90 degree angles in front of my with my hands in closed fists (thumb side up) then move them the slightest bit like I was pedaling the world tiniest bicycle with my fists.
But the most important bit of movement was to jiggle my head from side to side.

(You're trying the tiny bicycle peddling move out now aren't you...)  ;)

It was hilarious and we had each other in fits of laughter.

I am so very madly in love with my dance partner who still finds ways to be silly with his bride and turn an inconvenience into entertainment.

1-4-3 EM!


  1. We dance in this house too! PB often tried to teach me to waltz and although it's great for a laugh I have yet to get farther than two rounds haha

    1. Everyone should dance around the house don't you think? ;) Although, I'm not sure we are ever as elegant as a waltz around here...more like the Funky Chicken. :)


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