Madly in Love

You know that there ain't no sunshine when he's gone.  I really don't like it when he's away.  He's always gone too long, anytime he goes away.
Shameless.  Taking song lyrics as the post's opening...tsk, tsk, tsk.

I think about Engineer all the time when he's gone but there's consolation in the fact that he thinks about me too.

I tease him about experiencing a bachelor's lifestyle when he's away but really he would rather be experiencing our lifestyle with me.

Case in point, while he was in Fredericksburg, TX for work, every time I talked to him he would say how romantic the town was.  The carriages through town, the quaint restaurants, or when he would eat somewhere he described it as "our kind of place."

At night when we spoke on the phone he would say how he wanted to take me to some of the places he had gone.

I love that he thinks of me just as much as I think of him.

And's your chance.  Our anniversary is only a couple of days away and I can pack a bag in 10 minutes and be ready to get out the door to go wherever you want to take me to find "our kind of place".

1-4-3 EM!


  1. PB used to have to go for road trips for his work quite a bit. After we moved in we went together. With the dogs! It was a lot of fun to travel together.

    1. After this last trip of three whole weeks, I have told Engineer that we will be packing up the kiddo and the dogs and homeschooling for a few weeks if we have to so that we aren't apart.


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