#Grab Green Update

It is a cookin' and cleanin' kind of day around here.

And as such, I just wanted to give you an update on the GrabGreen samples that I was sent a few weeks back.

I am down to my last dishwashing packet and have truly enjoyed the convenience of these eco-friendly cleaning products.

Lucky for me, the good folks at GrabGreen have a promotion going whereby they are giving you a chance to win a five year supply of GrabGreen by playing games.  Yes, I said by playing games.

They have teamed up with a gaming company called LuckyDiem since market research suggests that most adults play online games for rewards.

From their promotional materials :
"For the first time visitor (www.grabgreen.luckydiem.com) LuckyDiem serves up 10,000 points, enough for 10 free spins. However, when a player’s initial number of points for spins runs out that is when the game really heats up. They can register, share with and invite friends, answer questions about the advantages of “going green”, all while seeing those point totals climb, which in turn gives them more opportunities to increase their rewards and more chances of hitting the jackpot."

The player could win discounts off of or gift cards to be used on GrabGreen products.

The learn more, you can check out their Facebook page.

Good luck!