Vidal Sassoon #Kroger VS #Spon

 I sat around thinking about the best way to highlight hair products.

Swishing my hair was the obvious choice.

No one looks like they are showing off their hair better than if they give it a good swish, right?

I have been trying the new Vidal Sassoon Pro Series shampoo and conditioner which are just a couple of products in the Pro Series line.

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series

Here is what I found using these products:

1.  I like the smell.  That's very important seeing as I would hate to walk around with hair that did not smell nice or equally unappealing is hair that is heavily perfumed.  This shampoo and conditioner have a light pleasant scent.

2.  It doesn't bring me down.  I find that generally, moisturizing hair products make my hair look greasy sooner and weigh my hair down, but not these.  As you can see from my picture up top, it does not look greasy or heavy.  That top picture, that was a quick brush through my hair the morning after I had washed it the night before; and yet, still not greasy even at the roots.

3.  It makes my hair shiny.  You can tell very clearly that my hair shines in the sunlight above but look at this picture taken in the harsh lighting of a school.

There is still some amount of shininess even under fluorescent lighting.

4.  My hair feels soft and tangles less.  I have fairly fine hair and it gets staticky and tangled very easily.  I feel like my hair is soft and tangles less since using these hair products.  I'm not even sure that those are some of their professed benefits, but that's just what I have found.

5.  It works as well as salon brands.  I have tried all sorts of brands of shampoos and conditioners and in my opinion, the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series works just as well if not better than those expensive brands.

Due to my involvement in the awareness/fundraising campaign, I have had my photo taken multiple times as well as had two TV interviews all while trying out Vidal Sassoon Pro Series on my locks.

If I was not totally confident in these products, I would have called it quits and gone back to an old faithful brand for the footage.  

Great hair doesn't have to cost a fortune. At Kroger, you can achieve salon-inspired results, brilliantly priced, when you purchased new Vidal Sassoon Pro Series hair products. Download coupons for the already affordable products, now through March 2.  Happy shopping (and shampooing)!

I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.

All opinions and fly aways are my own.


  1. Less tangles sounds nice! My hair is a little thicker.

    Love it..."all opinions and fly aways are my own" :)

  2. Less tangles are ALWAYS nice Ms. Judy. :) Now, about those fly aways...


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