Perfectly Practical #149 - Getting Kids to Set the Table

When it comes to getting kids to learn how to set the table and how to show they they are finished properly, I've got two words for you :  Fox and Owl.

Well actually f.Ok.s. (pronounced fox) and owl.

Training children to set the table properly from a young age is a great way to get them involved in dinnertime.

You can stand with the child over a place setting at the table and explain to them that you begin the meal with a f.Ok.s.
Lay out the fork and say "f."
Then lay out the plate (which is an "o" shape) and say "o."
Next is the knife and say "k" (explaining that knife starts with a k and gets placed facing the plate.)
Lastly lay out the spoon and say "s."
Let them practice laying the table and saying the letters back to you.

Once dinner is over, you show them that you end them meal with an owl.  
Again, the plate is an "o."
The space between the fork tines make a "w."
The knife obviously is the "l." 

This placement in a restaurant lets your server or at a dinner party lets your host know that you are finished with your meal.

Part of Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Who knew! I have never heard in all the manners classes I have had! Brilliant!

  2. I'm all about the kids helping set the table... and clean up after it's done... I, however, don't care where things are placed... just get it on the table!

    Thanks for your comment today!

    1. I can understand that Ms. Carolyn and you're very welcome.


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