Perfectly Practical #148 - Cleaning Blinds

A few quick tips about cleaning blinds:

Dusting mini blinds is tedious but there are some tricks that can make the task a little easier.

Close the blinds and use a sock over your hand to wipe them from side to side, working your way down.  Once one side is done, close them the other way and wipe them down again.

Or, you could use a medium sized CLEAN paint brush to dust the blinds off on each side.

Once a year ours also get the spa treatment and soak in the bathtub with a little dish liquid after they have been dusted.  Then we lay them out on the concrete to dry in the sun before rehanging them on their respective windows.

If your blinds hang in the kitchen, more than likely you will have to do a little de-greasing as well so just add a little more dish soap to the water and wipe them gently with a dish rag or sock over your hand to wipe off the grime.

Again, make sure they are mostly dry before you rehang them.
This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.