Madly In Love

Engineer has been reading a lot of interesting books lately.  I don't necessarily want to read the same books he does but it is fun to hear their summaries over dinner.

The latest book was one called The Luck Factor.  It examined the attitudes and behaviors of "lucky" and "unlucky" people.

Engineer asked me if I felt like I was lucky and a whole conversation ensued about how I didn't necessarily feel lucky, but I did feel blessed.  How, as Christians, we could easily replace the word "lucky" with the word "blessed", etc.

We began talking about moments we counted as "lucky" in our lives and Engineer mentioned the time we went sailing with some friends.

School had just let out.  It was before we began dating and although he was all googly-eyed for me, I hadn't made my feelings known to him.  Frankly, I thought he was a great friend but hadn't much given thought to anything further.

Then we went sailing.  And everything changed.

Although we were with a group of our friends, he and I spent the day flirting and talking and enjoying the day on the lake.

On the drive back to college, we talked all the way home.

From that point on, we were inseparable and less than two years later, we were married.

As far as I knew, yes, the fact that our friend's Dad had a sailboat and on the spur of the moment was willing to take a bunch of us college kids out on the lake was indeed lucky.

And that's how I thought the story went.

But here, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story:

Engineer's friends were all at the University of North Texas and he had decided that, after his freshman year, he had no reason to stay at Texas A&M - Commerce.  He had already started the process and was planning to transfer the next semester to UNT with his buddies.

Essentially, that day on the lake was his last day at school in Commerce.

The last day I was supposed to ever see him.

But on the drive home, we had a talk about how we felt about each other and from that conversation in the car, he decided to stay.

I never knew that he had ever had plans on leaving - not until we were discussing this book...three weeks ago.

That whim of going to the lake with friends changed the course of our lives.

Yep.  Call it what you will, but I feel like we are very lucky/blessed people indeed.

1-4-3 Engineer!  May we always look back on our lives and feel we were blessed.


  1. How about providence, predestined, or even a perfect pair? ;-)

    1. Oooh, you know I love alliteration! :) I would agree with all of those Ms. Cricket.


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