Madly in Love

You know that feeling when you are overwhelmed with pride for your offspring?  As in, it takes your breath away that you had a part in creating that person who is doing something great.

That's what I felt Wednesday night when Diva and I were fundraising at the Junior Daughters of the King "Have a Heart for Anthony" event.

We showed up and Diva's video was on continual loop as folks walked in and on a big screen in the dining hall while everyone was eating.  Needless to say, there were lots of teary-eyed women in the dining hall.

And I have been very proud of Diva's contribution to the campaign, but it was when she was asked to step up to the microphone and extemporaneously speak that my heart swelled.

She confidently walked to the center of the space, took the microphone in her hand, and warmly and sweetly described who Anthony was and what the campaign was all about.  It was not only what she said, but how she said it.

There was no silliness or humming or hawing, only fondness and concern for her friend.

It was a beautiful moment - one that I will cherish always.

1-4-3 DM!  I am so proud of you!


  1. Your daughter is definitely amazing!

    1. Aww, thanks Ms. Victoria. I think she's pretty amazing too. :)


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