Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

I elected to send in an application to "green up" Diva's school.  (You can apply here.)

Why Greener Schools?

From the Pureolgy website:

  • Improved student performance
  • More funds for students resources 
  • Reduced carbon footprint

I had been asked earlier in the school year to help conduct a science project for the kids that consisted of planting a butterfly garden.  This would not only provide some great hands on lessons through the actual act of gardening, but also would be a great lesson in local flora and fauna, and to help beautify the school grounds.

In keeping with that idea, I was delighted to be alerted to this competition hosted by Pureology and went a little further than just a butterfly garden in my application.

I would love for the kids to have a vegetable garden that could be used in the school's salad bar, a better system for recycling, and a wormery and compost pile to aid in the science/gardening lessons.  A grant from Pureology could make all of those things possible.

But it's not just new programs that they aid in, but also existing situations.  For instance  they want to be able to repair existing structures or revamp deteriorating classrooms using sustainable and eco-friendly products.  I think the sky is the limit as far as creativity and need goes, but there will be a limit (obviously) on how much help they can give.

Even if you don't have a child in school, you can nominate a school for this contest.