Menu Plan - Pantry Challenge Week 52

Yes.  We actually made it through the whole year without having to buy any groceries.  

Between the milk from a farm and the vegetables from a CSA or family's gardens, I had very little that I needed to buy throughout the year.  

Fruit was probably my biggest reoccurring expenditure.  

And of course I ran out of things like sugar, vinegar, and jars this summer from all of the canning that needed to be replaced.  

If there was an incredibly good sale on groceries, I would replenish stock but it went untouched in a different area of my stockpile and not with what I was trying to use up. 

The two deer that Engineer bagged last year lasted us the whole year.  

Things I have taken away from this and need to reflect in my shopping habits:
  • We don't eat that many canned vegetables
  • We don't need anywhere near the amount of cream soups  
  • We don't eat that much meat
  • We don't use huge amounts of condiments
  • We don't need to ever buy vegetables in a store as long as we are part of a CSA
  • We use very little fruit juice
  • We eat at my parents' house more than I realized
  • We don't need more than 1 gallon of frozen milk at any given time
  • I cannot have too much sugar
  • I can't have too many sticks of butter
  • I can't have too much rice
  • I cannot keep up with demand in the amount of vinegar (balsamic, white or red wine, rice wine, apple cider, or distilled) that we consume
  • I cannot have enough dried fruit
With all of that in mind, I plan to shift my shopping focus slightly to accommodate what I now know.  

If you have a stockpile, I would encourage you to try and eat off of it for a while to use up what you can before it expires and also to see how your family actually uses it.  

Without doing this, I would have never known that our family can make it a whole year on 10 cans of cream soups, that green beans are not the staple food I thought they were, and that a bottle of ketchup will last us nearly a year.  

For our last menu plan of this year, we will be eating:

Sunday - Muffaletta Croissants (I adapted the idea from Ms. En Place) and Salad
Monday - Dinner with Family - BBQ
Tuesday - Dinner with Family - Mexican food
Wednesday - Pancakes, Sausage, & Eggs and Fruit
Thursday - Pasta Primavera & Salad
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Awesome post, don't think I could live without the grocery store. But I do shop the non preprepared stuff - so a step in the right direction!

    Thanks for visiting - That Grey Area!!

    1. Oh Ms. Melang, I could certainly live without going to the store and you are right, non-prepared stuff is definitely in the right direction. :)


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