Not Your Mother's Hair Product

In my Beauty Voxbox from Influenster there was a little bottle of Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Hair Cream for me to try.  I had never heard of this product before the Voxbox.

My hair is indecisive at best - sometimes it's straight and sometimes it's wavy.  No wonder I tie it up in a bun so often!

Because there are so many great reviews about this product out there, I had high expectations.  I followed the directions on the bottle and hoped that the goo would force my hair into curly submission. I may have been asking too much of the product.

I will say that the serum smells divine and I like the way my hair feels afterwards - albeit, not curly.

From having friends with extremely curly hair, I know that the hair itself tends to be drier than straight hair.  I am wondering if my current choice of hydrating shampoo and conditioner are making a difference in how well this product is working.  Maybe my hair is not dry enough?  Hmmm...needs more research.

I am tempted to go get the straightening version of the serum to see if my hair takes to that one better.

I was sent a sample to review.  All opinions and indecisive hair are my own.