Menu Plan - Pantry Challenge Week 45

I'm a little nervous y'all.

We have made it down to the bottom of the venison in the freezer and Engineer was out of town for work on opening weekend.  >Gasp!<

For those of you who don't have someone that hunts in your household, let me give you the low down:

  • Each year, hunters are given a limit on how many deer they are able to bag
  • Doe season is first 
  • Does are what you want for the better meat
  • Doe season is short - as in the first two weeks of deer season
I need Engineer to get out there and put food on the table.  Wait, but if he is working instead of hunting, isn't he still, in essence, putting food on the table?  There I go muddling up things with logic again.

If Engineer does not get some good hunting time in, I will definitely not be able to do a pantry challenge for next year.  In some ways (like eating meat other than venison), that will be nice and in other ways (like the weight of my wallet) not so much.

But for now, we press onward and upward:

Sunday - Fish Fillets, Sweet Potato Fries, and Peas
Monday - Shrimp Stir Fry over Rice
Tuesday - Beans & Cornbread
Wednesday - Taquitos, Mexican Rice, & Refried Beans
Thursday - Breakfast for Supper
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Leftovers

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This is part of Menu Plan Monday.