Madly in Love

Engineer is in our church choir.

I sit in the pews with the rest of the congregation.

I know what you are thinking, why is Engineer the one in the choir when you are the one with the vocal music degree?  Well, that's a long complicated story that bares no relevance to why I am madly in love with Engineer.  Moving on...

The bottom line is that Engineer sings with the church choir.

I love sitting in the congregation and watching him on the stage and in the loft.  I get those twitterpated butterflies watching him.  The rest of the choir must think I look like a weirdo making goo-goo eyes in the vicinity of the tenor section though.

Engineer always asks what I thought of the anthem, if I could hear him, and if it was good.  He cares about my opinion.  For him, there is value in it.

I know he isn't singing solo (although I can pick out his voice over the other tenors.)
I know he isn't singing for his glory.
But he is singing for His glory and it is wonderful to see and hear.

Is that okay that I feel all gushy seeing my husband in church?  Surely, that's better than the alternative, right?  

1-4-3 EM!