Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit

There is a girl who works the check-out at our local grocery store.  She is always dolled up and is never without her false eyelashes.

Since I was a false eyelash newbie and was sent a set of Kiss Ever Pro Eyelashes, I went and talked to the only person I knew who wore them frequently, the check-out girl.

To be honest, I was rather reluctant to try them.  Out of everything that I was sent in my Influenster Voxbox, these were the last to be tested since I had no idea what I was doing...and I don't like stuff around my eyes...and I was afraid it would hurt...and a whole slew of other excuses.

Here's what actually transpired:

  1. Had a cup of coffee and a cookie to work up enough courage to try them out
  2. Sent out some e-vites to brunch (can we say procrastination?)
  3. Read directions 5 times to make sure that the eyelashes were indeed "easy" to put on and take off
  4. Applied glue to eyelashes as instructed then placed them upon my eyelid.  The first one wasn't so bad although they weren't quite straight.   Not bad for their maiden voyage I thought.
  5. Applied glue to the second one but it was a bit more difficult to administer.
  6. Looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Good grief!  I look like the mom in the original "Freaky Friday!"  (Remember that scene where she was trying to look sophisticated and her eyelashes were every which way but right then started coming off?  Yeah, that was me.)   
  7. Promptly removed askew eyelashes with ease (no pain involved.)
  8. Removed glue residue with coconut oil.

And that was it.  I had my one and only experience with false eyelashes.  Although they might be great for a costume or for the cashier, they aren't for me.

I was sent a sample to review.  All opinions and fear of stuff around my eyes are my own.