Influenster Box

When I arrived home from running errands the other day, I saw that I had a package on my front porch.  (It's always exciting when you get a package isn't it?)  In it, was a number a beauty products sent to me to review.

Me.  The most non-glamorous person I know.  Got sent beauty products to review.

I figured they needed a few complete beauty novices to round out the review panel and I was one of the lucky novices.

Surprisingly, I have had lots of fun playing with the products.

Thank you Influenster for the lovely surprise left at my door a couple of weeks ago.


  1. ok, sorry, I just had to laugh because I also read the bobby pins and the eye shadow post ... you and me both ... I have to ask my daughter to help me out (she's 21) with the make up and stylin stuff ... Good reviews of both items ... may be tempted to check out them pins!

    1. Thanks Ms. Frugal! So far, the pins are my favorite product that came in the box. Do check them out. As for the make up, lawsy mercy, I'm a diva in some ways but make-up is not one of them. :)


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