Green Mountain Coffee

I first encountered the term "fair trade" while we were in England.  It was something people threw around freely and I thought it was just a trendy thing to say so that companies could charge more for their products.  I soon learned that wasn't true.

Well, it was partially true in that they are typically more expensive products but not for naught.  The idea behind fair trade products is that the producers of the goods are paid a fair wage for their products.  In turn, the companies that pay the better wage, gets the better products.  It's free market trading at its best.

In the case of Green Mountain Coffee, the farmers are paid a fair wage for their produce and in turn, Green Mountain gets first pick of the choicest beans to make their coffee.  That means some really yummy coffee for the consumers.

How yummy?  Well, the first time I ever tried Green Mountain Coffee, which was a while ago (no, this review was not my first rodeo with this coffee) I did a switcheroo on Engineer.  I made a pot of Green Mountain Coffee, filled his travel mug, and kissed him goodbye as I sent him out the door on his commute to work.  He called me after about 15 minutes on the road and asked what I did to the coffee.

I asked him what he meant and he said it was so good, he thought I had added something to our regular coffee to make it better.  I told him that it was Green Mountain fair trade coffee and he said, "Oh.  Fair trade coffee."

We learned quickly that fair trade coffee was worth the extra money.  We bought only fair trade while in the UK because it was markedly better.  The same is true for Green Mountain, it is also noticeably better.

If someone in your house is a coffee drinker, this would be a fantastic stocking stuffer.  They will love it.  Santa, if you're reading this, I sure would love it in my stocking.

I received samples and coupons from BzzAgent in order for me to sample and review this product.  All opinions and coffee addictions are my own.