Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

Ever since my friend Wastutesy came over and showed me her cool new bobby pin-esque twisty hair thingies, I knew I had to try them.  I had been eyeballing them at Walgreens for weeks; them being the Goody brand Spin Pins.  

Wastutesy was so positive about these pins and I thought, that was all well and good, but she doesn't have all the hair that I have to put up.  

I wear my hair up in a messy bun nearly every day.  Engineer likes my long hair but I don't like hair in my face so it is our compromise.

I was curious but skeptical as to how these pins would hold up. 

Then the day came when I received a pair to sample.  Thank you Goody for putting an instruction booklet in with your product!

To really put them through their paces, I followed the directions and twisted them in my hair.  I then proceeded to exercise, scrub toilets, cook, hang out laundry, all the things I normally do so as not to give these pins any special treatment.

To my delight, they held all day and dare I say, were comfortable.  They were all Wastutesy had made of them and more.

Equally important, they were easy to remove without causing huge knots in my hair.  This may be my new favorite hair product.  They are wonderful.

Thank you Influenster for sending me this product to sample and review.  All opinions and long heavy hair are my own.