What's Cooking?

This is an accidental recipe that I am about to share with you.

I cook for our church.  French bread was on sale so I decided to do submarine sandwiches one night, but I picked up too many loaves and not enough fishes, er, um, lunchmeats.

After looking around to see what was in the pantry and fridge, and consulting my Momma who happened to be there at the time, I decided to make pimento cheese.  (We have pantry challenges at church too.)  :)

A couple of issues surrounded that decision:  A.  I had only made pimento cheese once before and B.  I don't like pimento cheese - to the point where I actively avoid it.

Please don't throw tomatoes at me.  I realize it is part of my Southern heritage to make, eat, and like pimento cheese, but I just don't.  Sorry.

Moving on...

As I started dumping things in the bowl I just prayed for the concoction to be edible and not wasted.  And hallelujah I got what I asked for!

The adults loved it and came back for more.  My fellow Southerners know this is a great (if you like that sort of thing) party food in a bowl or already made into sandwiches.

Pimento Cheese

Pimentos, as the title suggests
Pickled Jalapenos, chopped & some juice
Shredded Cheddar & Jack Cheeses
Black Pepper

Dump a bag of Cheddar/Jack in a bowl and add a big dollop of mayo.
To that, add a good handful of chopped jalapenos and pour in some of the pickling juice.
Sprinkle over some black pepper and give everything a good stir.
Taste and see what it needs (probably more jalapenos, just sayin'...)
That's it!

This is part of Full Plate Thursday.


  1. I hope you'll continue to share what you cook for your church. I've been feeding about 40 twice a month, and it never occurred to me to have sub sandwiches. It's still pretty warm here, and I don't always have time for elaborate meals.

    1. I haven't really thought about posting much of what gets cooked for church but you know, it might be helpful. I know I would love a resource of recipes for crowds. Thanks for the idea Ms. Kristin and if you have any bulk recipes to share, I would love to see them. :)

  2. Hi Pary,
    I love the addition of the Jalapeno's to your awesome Pimento Cheese, we just love Pimento Cheese. Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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