Madly In Love

Diva is not that interested in sports generally so it kind of threw me off guard when she asked if we could go watch a volleyball game at her school.  As far as I was aware, she knows nothing about the sport.

I kept trying to get to the bottom of why she wanted to attend.

Did she tell someone she would meet them there? 
Is she required to attend a number of games for P.E.?
Is going to a game a way to get extra credit?

Nope.  She just wanted to go support her school, her team, and her friends.

Got to be honest, I didn't want to go.  There was no reason for us not to go, but I didn't really feel like going.  I took my knitting and as Diva and I unraveled the biggest knot in history, she hooted and hollered and cheered louder than anyone else in the sparsely populated stands.

Diva commented how sad it was that there were so few people there to root for our girls.  At that point, I was humbled by my selfishness yet proud of her selflessness.

She is a natural born cheerleader with a strong "You can do it!" attitude.  I hope she never looses that.  That positive connection to her friends and community.  That deep sense of pride and loyalty.

Every day I seem to learn from her.
1-4-3 DM!