Madly In Love

Engineer opens doors for me.

When I began dating (all those many many years ago) I had it in my head that if a guy wouldn't open the door for me, then he wasn't worth my time.  Harsh, I know, but really a pretty good indication of what kind of guy he was.

My thought process was that if he couldn't make the tiniest effort to help me into his vehicle or show the slightest bit of courtesy to let me go through a door first, then how would he treat me in general?  After all, it was he who asked me out not the other way around.

And let's be sensible, if you are a young man raised below the Mason-Dixon line, you SHOULD automatically open doors for any woman.  Period.  It's just good raising.  Climbing down from the soapbox now...

There were first/last dates where I stood curbside as the guy got into his car and said to me from the inside of his car, "Get in, it's unlocked."

Or the ones that would get in and open the door from the inside after I stood there not budging.  Uh-uh...

Oh, and let's not forget the ones who let the door shut in my face after he went in first.  I know he ditn't...

Those guys did not have what it took, unlike my Engineer.  >fluttering eyelashes<

He opens doors and I love that about my Southern Gentleman.

1-4-3 EM!


  1. hehe, did you go on those dates when they didn't open the car door for you? I'd loved to have seen the expressions on their faces if you walked right back into your house!

    1. Actually, I did Ms. Cricket (even though I probably shouldn't have) but only after they got out of their car and opened the door for me from the outside. I was called a not-so-nice name by a couple of those guys behind my back because of my insistence. Of course, in a small town, NOTHING that is said behind somebody's back stays there.


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