Dawgs Snappy Socks

There was a nice surprise in the mailbox the other day from Dawgs.  A pair of socks.  A tiny pair of socks.


I like socks and I like tiny things but this family doesn't really have a use for tiny socks anymore.  ;)
However, I have some sweet friends around the corner who do have a pair of tiny feet in their household on which to put tiny socks.

I asked for feedback on the socks and this is what they said:

They wished that all household members had snappy socks.
The snaps held throughout the washing/drying process.
They wondered if the snaps would irritate their legs, since the tiny person can't talk and tell them whether or not the snaps bother her legs.  :)

They really liked the socks and thought it was a brilliant idea to put snaps on them.

Thanks Dawgs for sending the sample!  Due to the lack of tiny feet in my house, all opinions belong to my friends around the corner.