UnReal Candy Bars

You may not know this but along with my addiction to affinity for coffee and Oreos, I really like candy bars.

In high school, I had a Snickers bar and a Dr. Pepper everyday for lunch.  (Sorry Momma.)  Of course, I was on the drill team so I wasn't worried too much about caloric intake.  Fast forward nearly two decades a few years, and although it would make me as happy as a pig in mud to have Snickers & D.P. for lunch everyday, I just don't think it's the wise thing to do.  :(

Those of you who have seen my menu plans and recipes know that we try for the most part to eat a reasonably balanced healthy diet.  We eat a lot of beans, soaked grains, fermented foods, and fruits & vegetables and not many processed foods.  It's mainly so I can splurge now and again on some things that maybe, ah hem, aren't considered so great for us.

But here's the thing:  a new kind of candy bar has come out that takes some of the guilt junk out of eating a candy bar.  They are called Unreal and their slogan is "Candy Unjunked."   That means no artificial colors or preservatives, no corn syrup, and no hydrogenated oils - just yumminess.

They come in 5 flavors that are similar to everyone's favorite candy bars and I love that, but it comes with a problem.  When you try to bring a new product that's an alternative to a product that is so deeply rooted into a culture, it seems like a Catch 22 situation.  On one hand, you need people to have a point of reference so that you can get your foot in the door and on the other hand,  you don't want people to compare what they know to your product too much.

Because I know the taste of my favorite candy bars a little too well, I feel like I had a mental block with the Unreal bars.  As a stand alone candy, they are really good, as a substitute for the "junked" candy bars, they may not totally cut the mustard.  It's the difference between buying an Oreo and making a homemade Oreo; really good, just not quite the same.

I was sent products to review from BzzAgent.  All opinions and weird food justifications and comparisons are my own.