Summer Hats 2012

We started the summer off with a hat from the giant pile at that garage sale.  This light blue netted hat was actually in a box and not jumbled on the ground with the others.  The seller told me that this hat was the one her mother wore to her brother's wedding.  I love hearing the hats' backstories.

My hat was a gift from my parents last Christmas.  They got it from an estate sale and it still had the original price tag on it; it had never been worn!  Love it!  Diva's hat I actually bought at Walgreens in an Easter clearance a couple of years ago.  Can you believe it?

My hat was another Christmas gift from my parents last year and Diva's hat was from Gymboree (like almost all of her hats.)

Diva's hat was one her grandparents picked up for her at an estate sale and my hat was one of many that I picked up recently at an estate sale.

Mine is another one from that recent estate sale.  The lady had lots of hats and hat boxes in perfect condition.  The picture is much warmer than it should be.  The color of the flowers are actually white.

I am mostly certain this one came from the elderly lady at church.  

Engineer and I were invited to a "White Linen" party towards the end of the summer so I had to get a white linen hat to go with my white linen dress.  Obviously...

I love this hat.  It is enormous and fabulous.  I did, however, sit in the balcony at church that Sunday since I didn't think it was fair to obstruct the view of the people behind me.  Like the linen cloche (pictured above) this one was purchased new.  >Gasp!<  I do, on occasion, obtain hats that have not been on someone else's head.  ;)

I picked up this hat at a garage sale for $.50 I think.  It looked like it had never been worn.

That's all folks for summer and now we are moving forward into autumnal hats.  Can you believe how quickly this year has gone by?  Can you believe that there are hats still to come?!

This is part of WIWW.


  1. Let's see- does that bring you to 61 hats??? I love them all :-)

  2. I think it actually brings me to 62, but who's counting (besides us)? ;) I love them all too and am glad you like them since you sort of started this whole silliness with showing the hats. I wonder how many we will count in the end?... Are we up to an alarming number yet? :)


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