Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Remember the cartoons of your childhood; like all of the Hanna Barbara cartoons, Looney Toons, and even the weird ones like Gummi Bears or He-Man?  Well, Almost Naked Animals is a series nothing AT ALL like those.

A. N. A. is from the makers of "Fish Hooks" and as the title suggests, it involves a throng of badly shaved animals in their underwear.  The target age group for this show is 6 - 11 year olds and to be honest, the nine year old boy was the only one in the room who found the show remotely funny.  I guess that proves that the creators know their audience.

From the get go, the show is colorful and attention grabbing.  The characters of the oblivious duck and militant pig were mildly entertaining, but that wasn't enough to overshadow the general feeling that we all had while watching the DVD.

There were four adults, two teenagers, and two kids in the target age group (9 & 11) watching the film.  As previously noted, only the 9 year old lad thought the show was funny.  The teenagers thought it was mind-drainingly boring and the parents were downright offended by the show.

In the same way that "Ren & Stimpy", "Fish Hooks", and "Sponge Bob" make my brain go to mush, this show was particularly irreverent and caused severe mushiness of my brain.  I saw that it is shown on the Cartoon Network and couldn't believe it was on their regular programming and not.part of "Adult Swim" seeing as the animals weren't fully clothed.  I have to be honest, that is alarming.

Words that were used to describe the series by the adults were "vulgar" (in reference to the anatomy of the female animals) "torture" (in reference to the razor thin plot lines we endured) "offensive" (in reference to the characterization of a couple of the animals) and "insulting" (in reference to the baseness of the matter that we were subjecting ourselves and our children to.)

Case in point, there were too many vomitous moments and snotty noses.  I don't do bodily fluids.  Not in real life and not in a cartoon.  It literally turned my stomach and I had to look away.  At any rate, why are we trying to dumb down our kids by glorifying potty humor?

I was sent a tote bag, t-shirt, notebook, and DVD of Volume 1 of the first series a A. N. A. to review from Child's Play Communications in anticipation of the new online super game and e-store.

The merchandise is all nice quality and I love the bag.  You can buy A. N. A. swag from their website.

So in closing, with so many good classic cartoons and clever new cartoons out there like "Phineas & Ferb", why would I want to watch any show with semi-nude animals?  The answer is, I wouldn't.

Child's Play Communications sent me the merchandise to review.  All opinions and love of good cartoons are my own.


  1. Adrien saw a commercial for this on one day (on the rarity I actually let him flip the cable on to watch Ninjago) and after hearing the name, he said "Momma, that's a bad show. There are naked animals. I don't think I'm supposed to watch it." It made me happy :)

    1. As it should Ms. Bryany, that's a smart boy you have there.

  2. I'm surprised that you finished watching it Ms. Moppins!

    1. To be honest Ms. Cricket, we watched half of the episodes then we decided that we had seen enough. It was not getting better and only getting worse.


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