Saturday Silliness

Our neighborhood.

It's a crazily wondrous place.

Take the Lawn Ninjas for instance.  These mighty warriors stealthily and faithfully eradicate their foes - the evil Crabgrass, Virginia Creeper, and Wild Grape.  Even the seemingly sweet Honeysuckle becomes enemy number one when it's tendrils wrap around mature azaleas with the intention to slowly and silently smother them.

You'll see the Lawn Ninjas out with their bandannas folded and wrapped around their heads a la The Karate Kid in anticipation of combat.

They'll be on their hands and knees meticulously plucking out patches of weeds so that their St. Augustine will thrive.

With a confident glint in their eyes, they will restore balance to their landscapes by nurturing their beloved lawns, flower beds, and trees while thwarting the plans of the intruding greenery.

Instead of Nunchucks, Bos, Katanas, and Sais they have rakes, spades, pruners, and some wicked gardening forks.

When a Lawn Ninja passes another, they nod to each other as a show of mutual respect and solidarity in their battle against unwanted flora.

You know they are victorious when they stand at the edge of their domain, arms akimbo, a proud look on their face, scanning the horizon, daring the opposition to rise again.

Even though their chosen path is long and difficult they fight the good fight with a deep sense of purpose and their powerful secret weapon for which the invasive plants have no defense - Round Up.  Lots and lots of Round Up.