Madly In Love

When we said "I do," Engineer and I made a commitment to share:

To share our last name
To share our struggles
To share our thoughts
To share our bank account
To share our bed
To share our strengths
To share our responsibilities
To share our joys
To share our sorrows
To share our lives

There are a few things though I wish Engineer would keep to this stinkin' cold he was ever so generous to share with me. 

That being said, he walked in from dinner last night and was greeted by the sight of me curled up on the couch in my yoga pants, shivering despite being wrapped in my Snuggie, drool streaming from my mouth, pillow creases deeply etched into my face, looking rather pathetic and not at all the perfectly put together domestic diva that he has come to expect to greet him (right EM?)   ;)

Engineer coaxed me in a sweet voice to go to bed, where he followed me into our room and tucked me in.   Moments later he brought it Advil and a glass of water for my fever.  He has been so attentive to his drooling crease-faced wife this weekend.

Thank you my sweet Engineer for taking care of me...but next time, keep your germs to yourself please.