Rubbermaid LunchBlox Review

Rubbermaid LunchBlox - Lunch Containers

Serendipity is more than a fun word to say, it's a fun phenomenon to experience.

A couple of months ago, I was with my Momma in Walgreens and we saw a display with this cool bento type Rubbermaid lunchbox cube.  We talked about what a good idea they were.  I even put one in my cart, pushed it all around the store while I shopped, and decided last minute to put it back - not enough Register Rewards on hand, you know how it is…

Here's the serendipitous part:  a couple weeks later, I got an e-mail from the lovely folks at Rubbermaid asking if I would like to try out the new LunchBlox.  Woo-hoo!, um...yes, please.

The LunchBlox have four modular boxes and a flat ice pack that stack on top of one another.  I love the size options (1 large, 1 medium, and two small boxes) since it gives me flexibility in the way I pack a lunch.  The large and medium ones I use for main course and vegetable and the small ones I use for something fermented and a treat.  They are the perfect size for pickled radishes, or sauerkraut, or fermented applesauce.  What?  It's good for their gut.  Don't you put pickled squash in your child's lunch?  No?  Uh-hem...moving on...


- Reusable, meaning less waste & less expense not paying for ziptop bags
- Translucent so you see what's in there
- Holds up well in the dishwasher (so far no warping)
- Ice pack is not bulky
- Lids are tight-fitting


- Some of the boxes don't fit tight enough in the groves and fall out of place
- Wish the boxes were slightly larger 

Overall, it's a great product and at $12.99, roughly the cost of 4 boxes of ziptop bags, it's actually a pretty good value too.

*I was sent a set of LunchBlox to review.  All opinions and fascinations with healthy and happy guts are my own.  Thanks Rubbermaid!