Madly In Love

We started on a course toward financial freedom together in 2008.

My Father-in-Law gave us the Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover" CDs and we listened to them. Thank you Father-in-Law for one of the best gifts we have ever received.

That is to say that we wrestled with ourselves and each other over what we learned.
We rationalized and dug our heels at different points.
We felt overwhelmed.
We argued.
We felt the pain of restraint and the uncomfortableness of  having to deny ourselves and most of all, the humility that came with facing our mistakes.

Notice I said we in all of the above.

It wasn't just one of us that got us into debt so we made the decision to reverse our situation.

Once our course was recharted, there was peace in our house.  Peace.

We had never actually been through the course but have managed to get almost debt free (we still have our mortgage but are working on that as fast as we can) since listening to those CDs four years ago.

When the opportunity arose for us to actually take the Financial Peace class, I wanted to go but Engineer didn't see the point.

I thought it would be a good jolt of energy for us as we cross the finish line into debt freedom.  We will see if that is the case.

To make a long story short, we attended our first Dave Ramsey class yesterday.  Engineer signed us up for it.

Not only is he now on board with it, he is enthusiastic about it.  >GULP!<  What have I done to myself and my grocery budget?!

Thank you Engineer for being concerned about our financial future and the financial principles that we will impart to Diva.  And thank you for doing things sometimes just because I want to do them, then getting excited along with me.  :)

1-4-3 EM!

This is part of GratiTuesday.