Madly In Love

Engineer, his mother, and I took Diva to summer camp yesterday.  

This time was difficult.  

She went to church camp for the first time earlier in the summer but between one chaperon from our church being an EMT and our Associate Pastor being her cabin counselor, I felt very secure in leaving her in their capable hands.  

This time, she and I know no one.  I left my one and only precious baby girl in the hands of complete strangers.  Strangers who have very good credentials and an extremely positive reputation, but strangers nonetheless.   

Then I did something that surprised me - I cried.  A lot.  I cried all. the. way. home.  Then after an hour and 15 minutes of driving, I cried some more when I got home.

I didn't just cry.  I prayed and I cried.  

I prayed for her safety.  I cried that perhaps I hadn't prepared her well enough physically.

I prayed for a happy camp experience.  I cried that I hadn't equipped her well enough mentally.

I prayed for growth in her faith.  I cried that I hadn't encouraged her well enough spiritually.

Then I realized that everything I was upset and worried about were my potential failings as a parent.  

Lucky for us, she and I have the same Heavenly Father that will guard her with his hedge of protection, fill her with joy, grace her with his love all the while bridging the gaps of my shortcomings.

I am madly in love with my Diva because she and I both know this time to learn and experience and grow is invaluable.  Even if I miss her terribly already.

1-4-3 DM!

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