Madly In Love

Diva has been saving up for a laptop for a while.  Laptops are pricey and when you don't have a steady income, it can take a pretty long time to gather up enough money to buy one.

When her grandparents caught wind of this, they sent her an old laptop they had sitting around (thank you grandparents!)

Diva was ecstatic about this package.  She could hardly wait to dive in to all the wonderous applications the computer had to offer.

I, however, was concerned.  What will she get into?  What kind of meanness awaits my child on the world wide web.  This will take time away from her imaginative play and reading. 

No worries necessary.  Instead of trying to go on the interweb, she immediately drew a picture of Mickey Mouse on Paint then within ten minutes of turning it on, she began transcribing her first novel.

Creative imaginative play uninterrupted by the availability of technology.  Whew!

1-4-3 DM!

This is part of GratiTuesday.