Madly In Love

Like all parents, we have hopes and dreams for our child.  There are the grandiose dreams of her being a concert pianist or a world renowned veterinarian or a famous author. 

More importantly, there are the hopes that she will be a faithful Christian active in her church, an attentive wife and mother protective of her family, a hard-worker striving for excellence in everything she does, and a responsible citizen proactive in her community.

I have mentioned many times that we are an animal loving family.  So when the movie "Evan Almighty" came out, my parents saw it and thought that Diva, who was six at the time, would love to see all of the animals. 

Diva's reaction to "Evan Almighty" was unexpected to say the least. 

The plot line was basically a modern day Noah's Ark story and just like Noah, there was opposition to Evan's ark.

Diva was fine with the movie until a.  the doubting wife left and took her boys and b.  the township was going to tear down the ark.

Sensitive to the importance of family, Diva began wailing in the theatre when the wife left.  I mean inconsolable s-o-b-b-i-n-g.  She just kept saying, "She can't leave her husband!"  and "The kids need their Daddy!" and "Is she coming back?"

Then she was upset that the townsfolk were going to tear down his ark when he had put in so much work into it.  Again, with the weeping, "He worked so hard!" and "But God told him to do it!"

Admittedly, I shed a few tears myself, not because of the film but of Diva's reaction to it. 

It was powerful.

During that film which was meant to be fairly lighthearted and entertaining, we were just there for the animals after all, she was completely shaken by the characters' actions and how they differ from what had been instilled in her.

I am madly in love with our little Diva because at that moment, I knew that we had at least paved the way towards those dreams we have for her.

1-4-3 DM!

This is part of GratiTuesday.


  1. How sweet that your Diva has such a tender heart!

  2. I wonder if you can have one of those blog books published of just the Madly in Love posts (with a few birthday parties thrown in). It would be an awesome keepsake for her!

    1. I don't want to publish one until I run out of things to say. :)


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