Menu Plan Pantry Challenge - Week 25

Living in East Texas is a trip sometimes.  We have lived in the all encompassing DFW metroplex and in a tiny village abroad but life in East Texas is truly a different kettle of fish altogether.  I really want to write a book about it but it kind of has already been written a la "Steel Magnolias."  Life here behind the Pine Curtain is quirky to say the least. 

Case in point:  Have you heard of the new movie with locally grown actor Matthew McConaughey called "Bernie"?  It is based on a true story that occurred several years ago just down the road a piece in Carthage, TX. 

You have to know that when a movie is about a Texan all us Texans feel a sense of ownership in it.  If a movie is filmed in Texas, we will claim it too.   If a movie has a Texan actor in it, you see where this is going right?  And if it is at all related to East Texas, y'all, I'm telling you that wild horses couldn't drag us Piney Woods dwellers away from the picture show.  We are a funny bunch...and get funnier.

This movie has been a HUGE deal around here since it was one of those fact-is-stranger-than-fiction local stories*, then filmed locally using locals instead of actors as extras.  My favorite aspect of the story is that everyone around these parts knows someone who knew Bernie.  Instead of 7 degrees of separation, it's more like 1 to 2 degrees.  3 degrees if you just moved here within the last year and have no friends. 

I love hearing everyone's stories of Bernie and the old lady and how they are connected to the story somehow.  And yes, I have connection.  Two in fact.  Our backdoor neighbors, who are absolutely lovely folks, used to be travelling buddies with Bernie and Mrs. Nugent.  AND...the parents of some good friends of ours sold a lake lot to D.A. Danny Buck Davidson.   They even asked Mr. Davidson how he felt about the movie and he and his wife were very complimentary of Jack Black's performances saying he portrayed Bernie's mannerisms and nuances perfectly. 

Everyone who has a connection finishes telling you about it with, "Who could blame him" or a "He was such a nice fella" or a "bless his heart", naturally, we are Southern after all.

All of this being said, we HAD to see "Bernie".   The other night we went went some friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so nice to hear authentic East Texan accents on screen.  I promise y'all, before I moved abroad, Ah tawked jest lahk 'em, and still can when the need arises.  ;)  The townsfolk of Carthage should get a collective nod from the award giver-outers because they were hilarious. 

They were so hilarious because they were real.  They weren't caricatures of what people outside The Great State of Texas think we are like, they just were what they are.

One of the best parts of the whole movie was when the man mapped out Texas.  Believe me when I say y'all, there have been no truer words spoken.

If you have seen the movie and are not from around here, I would love to know what you thought.  I feel like I am jaded with the whole local-story-locally-filmed-Texan-actor-locals-as-extras-my-neighbors'-friend thing and obviously, I think Jack Black should be up for an Academy Award.  :)

As a side note, if Bernie had my freezer, he would not have had room to fit Mrs. Nugent in there...go see the movie...

On to what we will be eating this week (not-at-all having anything to do with an old lady in the freezer):

Sunday - Having guests for dinner...over for dinner...not actually eating the guests, ahem...
Monday - Sweet Potato Chili & Hawaiian Bread
Tuesday - Beef Tips & Rice with Steamed Veggies
Wednesday - Turkey Parmesan over Noodles with Salad
Thursday - Soft Tacos, Rice, & Beans
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Leftovers

*WARNING - this is gross:  In case anyone is reading this in Hollywood, just to let you know that we also currently have other fact is stranger than fiction stories going on like someone roaming around eating people's faces all Zombie style over in Shreveport.  What is this world coming to?!

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Your movie review makes me want to go see it now! :)


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