Happy Nappers Review

Do you remember Popples from back in the day?  They were those brightly colored stuffed creatures that folded in on themselves to become, well, a fur ball? 

The creators of Happy Nappers have taken that concept and gone a step further.  They have created a host of animals who fold in and out of their homes.  The dog goes into his doghouse, the dragon in his castle, the ladybug in her habitat, the penguin in his igloo, etc.  There are six varieties to choose from and they are all pretty cute.

Diva was sent a dog in a doghouse to play with for review.  Since she loves all things cuddly, I knew right off this would be a hit.

The dog has a doorbell on his doghouse and when you press it, he sounds like he is snoring.  Too cute. 

You unzip the door and pop out the dog while folding his house back in on itself.  When you are done playing with the cuddly toy, he folds him back into his house.

This is a great way to combine a pillow and a stuffed animal for a car or plane journey.  It is a very easy transformation unlike other toys where you need an Engineering degree to figure out how to work the thing. 

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love companies with philanthropic sensibilities and Happy Nappers is one of those companies.  For every Happy Napper that is purchased, they give a portion of the proceeds to the Home Sweet Home Fund benefiting the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation.

If you would like to have a look at these cute and cuddly creatures, you can go the the Happy Napper website.  You can even get FREE shipping with the promo code SPECIAL4U.  *expired*

*I was sent a Happy Napper to review.  All opinions are my own.