Dishing It Up

Dishing It Up is brought to you by   Thrifty Texas Penny, Mama's Money Tree, Deals From Ms. Do, Saving Myself Silly, Dearly Domestic, 20 Something Saver, The Happy Lil' Homemaker, and Eating With MiMi.

Over the last year, our hop has grown and we've implemented some changes to make it better for you.

Earlier this year, we added a website and a Facebook page.

June's theme is "Barbecue and/or Picnic Foods" and my contribution is Mango Salsa.  I love this stuff and I'm pretty sure you will too.  It is vibrant in color and however much you think you may need, make at least double that.  It really is that tasty.  It is good with fish tacos or good with grilled chicken or good with black's just g-o-o-d.