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Sniff...sniff...  Can you smell it?  The smell of summer?  If you are anywhere near The Little Pink House you can since vinegar is the smell of summer 'round here.

So far this summer, I have made the easiest blueberry jam in the world with our own blueberries!  The birds usually have them before I ever get a chance so to have enough to make 2 half pints of jam was a big deal.  Also, 6 half pints of applesauce are tucked away ready to be used (I love this for Engineer's & Diva's lunchboxes.)

I have made 6 quarts, 1 pint, and 1 half pint of sauerkraut, a jar of pepper sacue, and 7 pints of Maw-Maw's Sweet Pickles.

I've got a crockpot of yogurt doing its thing and a pot of pepperoncini peppers brining right now.  I've just pulled a pan of Mrs. Wilma's Muffins out of the oven and will have dill pickles and something with cherry tomatoes going by the end of the day. 

Any suggestions on what to do with the tomatoes?

*UPDATE*  I ended up with 5 quarts and 4 pints of dill pickles and 1 pint of pepperoncini peppers.  The tomatoes I just blanched and put in quart freezer bags.  Oh, and I filled another quart freezer bag with chopped bell peppers.  That should bring me up to date with all of the extraneous produce...for now. 


  1. Hello Pary! Could you please post Maw-Maw's sweet pickle recipe? They look yummy.

    1. They are indeed yummy but they are kind of a family secret... ;)


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