What's Blooming Around The LPH?

In our yard we have a little battle between in the sexes.  Engineer likes trees.  Lots of trees.  Good for nothing Ornamental trees.  I like beautiful, fragrant, and/or useful plants so we are constantly vying for planting space.  The one thing we agree on is roses.  We both love them but they too have to not only be beautiful but be fragrant.  Roses need to smell rosy, y'know what I mean? 

All that being said, here's what's blooming right now around here: 

Blueberries (don't get too excited, the birds will eat them all before we ever get a chance)

Camellias that are at the end of their bloom (we have a white, a pink, and a white/pink striped Camilla)

Jasmine that perfumes the air (next to the front door)

Mini roses

The one rose bush that was on the property when we bought it (these are AWESOME cut flowers)

One of two new roses this year

Blue Rose

Our Victory Rose Garden with the red, white, & blue roses

Angel Face roses (the picture doesn't do them justice since they are a beautiful purple in real life)

Peace Rose (these make HUGE blooms and are also good cut flowers)

Purple Chrysanthemum (beautiful and helps to keep bugs away)

White Lavender (can be used in culinary and decorative pursuits)

Double Delight Roses (the other new rose this year)

Light Pink Roses (that we cannot remember the name of for the life of us)

Pineapple Sage (which is a favorite of bees and hummingbirds)

Purple Iris (probably the last of the season)

What's blooming around your house?