Perfectly Practical #107 - Load the Car the Night Before a Busy Day

This week has to be met with military precision and it started as soon as we got back from the Ft. Worth jaunt on Saturday.

All paraphernalia for the following day's activities were put into the car so the back seat was loaded down with dance shoes, a birthday gift, a bodhran & stick, coupons and shopping list, set of knives, and Easter eggs (how's that for a random list?)

Sunday started like any other with Sunday School & Church. That's where I dropped off the knives for our church kitchen and the Easter eggs that had stowed away in our Easter basket at the egg hunt.

Next, Diva & I went to Walgreens while Engineer was at a Diaconate meeting. We picked him up, came home, changed clothes, had lunch and off we went again to take Diva and the present to a birthday party and swing by CVS and Brookshire's to finish up shopping with the coupons and list.

We had about 45 minutes to work on straightening the house, order the pizza for pick up later in the evening (free Domino's was a God send), fold clothes, get clothes laid out, ironed, and ready for the week, and decide on a menu plan for both cooked breakfasts (Diva has standardized testing this week and cooked breakfasts are our tradition) and suppers.  Then we were off again to pick up Diva from the party early and take her and her shoes to an extra dance recital rehearsal. 

After another 45 minute stint of general organization, we picked up Diva from rehearsal and went to church for the Celtic service where Engineer plays the bodhran.  After church we picked up our pizza before coming home for the night.

If we wouldn't have put all of the various items in the car the night before, we would have been even more pressed for time and we would have surely forgotten something along the way.

By going through the list of to dos and appointments the day before and working out what accouterments we needed for each activity, we were saved a lot of stress since we had everything we needed ready and waiting for us.

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.