More Hats in the Run Up to Easter

I received this hat as a Christmas present this past year. 

A friend's aunt was cleaning out her friend's house and came across this one.  I never know from whence the hats will come.

This was one of the ones from the elderly lady at my church

My parents found this one for me at an estate sale.  Incidentally, it is not one of Engineer's favorites.  I can't see why it wouldn't be.  Seriously,  who wouldn't want a shiny black turban with a jeweled ball hanging from a flap?

This one is a fun cloche/bucket type hat.  My parents gave me this one as well.  It was another estate sale find turned Christmas gift.

This is one of the 13 hats that were on the ground at a garage sale.

Honestly, I cannot remember from where this coffee colored mink hat came- assume an estate sale.

A gift from my parents from an estate sale.

Another garage sale find.

My brother and Sister-in-law gave me this one for Christmas one year.  Yes, this hat was new when I got it which just goes to show that not all of my hats are old previously loved.

This is another one from the elderly lady at our church

Another one from the massive cache of hats on the ground at a garage sale

I am not sure where this one came from and I am not sure why the picture is so yellow.  The hat is actually winter white with a grosgrain ribbon.

And this is the last hat of the season.  >sniff, sniff<  It came from my Me-Me and used to have a black grosgrain ribbon band but it was so old that it fell apart.  I put my Maw-Maw's brooch on it to add some flava.

And now, Diva's chapeaux:

(Yes, I let my child wear a monkey hat to church.  Monkeys are God's creatures too.)

This has marked a full year of hats.  Wow.  All of this thanks to Ms. Cricket and her disbelief of a description of one hat.

It's been fun and actually quite helpful to me so I can see which ones have been worn and when.  We wouldn't want to...>gasp<...wear the same hat more than once in a year now would we? 

It has also shown me that I have a ridiculous amount obscene quantity more than a few black hats and that in future, maybe I should be a little more discerning about my black hat purchases.  ;)

And can you believe it?  There are still more...  Back to Spring hats...starting with a new Easter bonnet naturally.  :)


  1. I ADORE the netted one! :) The collection I designed in college (Fashion Design Degree) featured all models wearing one :) I was inspired by film noir.

    1. Thanks! What a cool degree to have? Do you still design?

    2. I do...but I get very little sewing time with my 3 rug rats LOL I was going to my mother in law's sewing class at Hancock Fabrics on Tuesday nights just to get a little sewing time in, but now my oldest has football practice instead. Some day!!! Although I'm redoing some stuff and I'll be posting about those :)

  2. hehe, I never disbelieved. I just wanted to see them :-)

    1. Well Ms. Cricket, there are still more to see. ;)


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