Madly In Love

Much like weddings make Engineer happy, divorce makes him sad.

Whenever we find out about one of our friends or a family member heading down that way, it always saddens him. 

I appreciate that he holds marriage to be so sacred and beautiful and precious because I do too and that makes me feel all the more secure.

1-4-3 EM!


  1. Divorce is a very sad thing indeed. We've witnessed the devasting effects for years after the divorce was supposedly "final."

    1. Just found out another couple we know got a very quiet divorce a couple of weeks ago. So quiet, they didn't even tell their children until it was final. My heart breaks for that sweet family.

    2. We just found out that another couple we know had a very quiet divorce a couple of weeks ago. So quiet in fact that the children didn't even know until they had finalized it. Our hearts break for that sweet family.

  2. Divorce pretty much sums up my child hood in its is such a monumentally sad thing. A friend of mine is going through it right now. So awful.


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