Madly In Love

*Background Info*: 

I really like sour cherries. 
It's difficult to find them, so when I do, I pick up a couple of packages at a time.  Diva had seen that we had two cartons of them from the last Walgreens shopping trip. 
We have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of holiday characters.

Easter Sunday Diva found her Easter basket included sour cherries.  She was very excited since she too likes sour cherries.  All of the sudden she stopped the jubilant dancing and said, "Wait a minute..."

Diva ran to where the candies are kept, shouted, "AHA!" and came back to stand in front of me.  I asked her what that was about and she said, "There were two cartons of sour cherries and now there is just one." 

So I asked Diva, "What does that mean?"

The child looked me so intensely in the eyes that I felt the gravity of her statement before she ever uttered it, "That means the Easter Bunny STOLE from us!!"

Then we both burst into fits of laughter. 

I love that she looks at life from the flipside.

1-4-3 DM!