East Texas Drop Off for Azure Standard

Azure Standard sells more than produce, they have books, essential oils, dairy products, meat products, grains, baking supplies, a little of everything.

Okay so here are the details of the Azure Standard ordering process:

  • Create an account with Azure Standard
  • Go to the drop down menu and choose "Shop" then "Browse by Category"
  • Fill your virtual basket with lots of lovely things (if you order less than $50 worth, there will be a surcharge of $5)
  • Tax is included in the price and shipping is charged at 8.5% of your total
  • You need to get the route number from your local coordinator
  • Our local coordinator for Marshall is Mindy Whiting annd she can be contacted at mindywhiting1 (at) gmail (dot) com or (760)803-8102
  • After you order through the website, please contact your local coordinator to let her know that you are part of the next shipment
April 17th is the cut off date for the next shipment which will arrive on April 19th.  Mindy will give you the details of where to pick up your order.

I am so excited about this y'all! 

For my first time out, I currently have these items in my virtual shopping cart: 

40lbs. of Organic Yellow Onions at $.63lb. and 25lbs. Organic Carrots at $.87lb. (I will split those with my Momma) 20lbs. of Organic Pink Lady Apples at $1.02lb., 10lbs. Organic Lemons at $1.25lb., 5lbs. Baking Soda at $.85lb., 5lbs. Demerara Sugar at $1.70lb., Raw Milk Cheddar, and a book about the virtues of garlic. 

I actually think that these are good prices for most things and excellent prices for others.


  1. I cannot figure out -- for the life of me -- how I find out who my Tyler contact person is :)

    1. Call or write to Azure Standard and ask them who your liaison is Ms. Bryany. Good luck!

  2. Thank you ma'am. I think I'm going to have to wait until next time...I'm sure the cut off is past now :) thanks so much! I think they really do have great prices.

    1. The cutoff is tomorrow (4/17) at 4pm so you still have time to get your order in if you do it lickity split. :)

  3. Bryany,
    The Tyler,TX Azure contact person is Julie at 903-871-3357.

    The May order cutoff date is Tuesday May 15th at 6 PM.

    In case someone needs to find out about other areas in Texas the Midwest Route Coordinators
    is Jeanette Wood at 785-380-0034.

    Jeanette also maintains a public Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/azurestandard


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