Madly In Love

In Marshall we have an annual Taste of the Arts event that coincides with Gospel Fest.  Local restaurants are represented and each ticket holder eats to their heart's content.  Then once everyone is as full as a tick on a dog's belly, they waddle over to the auditorium where there is an old time Gospel sing along led by local musicians. 

During the food portion of the evening, local students are asked to perform to give background music for the diners.  This year, Diva was asked to be one of those performers.

We were so proud that she was excited about being asked to play for the crowd.  And even more proud that she was enthusiastic about her performance. 

Our Diva is unashamed and unafraid of the talents God has given her.  I pray that she never hides her light under a basket.

1-4-3 DM!  Daddy and I are so proud of you!


  1. Bravo Diva! That kind of festival would be right up my alley!


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