Perfectly Practical #98 - Red Napkins

I have had such fun lately teaching frugal living/coupon classes with Kristan from Practically Virtuous and Cricket from Thrifty Texas Penny.  I always learn something new or hear something that I had never  before thought about. 

Last month, while extolling the virtues of cloth napkins, Cricket brought up the point to use red napkins.  Not only are they pigmentally (yes, I made that word up) appropriate for February, July, and December, but they don't show signs of pasta sauce, barbecue sauce, ketchup, and a vast array of other common stain producers.  What a great idea!

We have white cloth napkins for general use but wouldn't you know that at an estate sale this weekend, I found a whole box of red napkins.  And yes, I snatched them up.

Thanks Cricket for the idea!

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.


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    1. No shortage of verbage around here. If we start getting low on words, we just make up our own! ;)

  2. I thought that was so genius! Awesome word, btw.


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