Madly In Love

Engineer is the official put-to-bedder and waker-upper at The Little Pink House.

Diva gets tucked in all snugly-like by her Daddy and they say their Night-Night Prayers every night first before I come in for round two of cuddles and kisses.  No matter what has happened that day, good or bad, they have a few minutes, just the two of them, to unwind and settle in.

Every morning, Diva gets awakened by her Daddy in some slightly mysterious way.  I say mysterious because when I go to wake her up, I've been told by both parties that I don't do it correctly.  :) 

When Diva's eyes open, it's her Daddy - her strength, her stability, her comfort, her protector, her champion, the first man who ever loved her - standing over her ushering her into a new day.  And when she gets ready to travel to the Land of Nod, it is he who prepares her for the journey.

Oh, and he puts me to bed and wakes me up too.  He is the official put-to-bedder and waker-upper after all.

1-4-3 EM!

This is part of GratiTuesday.


  1. I'll bet your Engineer enjoys his duties put-to-bedder and waker-upper as much as his girls!


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